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Special Interest: Women’s Health, Paediatrics, Removal of moles, Implanon insertion/removal

I am excited to be back working at Harding St. My favourite thing about General Practice is the variety of practice and forming lasting therapeutic relationships with my patients. I believe in a whole person approach to health care with a focus on mental health and preventative health for the whole family as well as dealing with acute illnesses. I am trained to Implanon removal and insertion, minor surgical procedures such as mole removals. I am affiliated with the Royal Women's Hospital, Mercy  and Northern for shared antenatal care.  

Dr Amy Nicholas

I have worked at Harding St since 1996. I appreciates being part of an ethical practice with high standards of patient care and warm respectful relationships between staff. I provide all round general practice care, including where there are complex social and health circumstances. Due to family commitments I currently only work two half days per week. Outside of work and family, I play the recorder and trumpet and help coordinate the Multicultural Women's Sewing Group at church.

Dr Jennifer Mok


Special Interest: Sports Medicine, Travel Medicine, Paediatrics

I have worked at Harding Street Medical Centre from 1999 and split my time between Harding St and another clinic. I enjoy the day to day work of a General Practitioner and like meeting the broad spectrum of patients who come my way for their first point of medical care visits. I have a number of special interests including travel medicine, paediatrics, skin and minor surgical procedures.

Dr Matthew Long


Special Interest: Diabetes, Paediatrics, Travel Medicine, Musculoskeletal, Minor Surgery

I have been a General Practitioner for over 25 years and I have experience in all aspects of family medicine. I am particularly interested in Diabetes, Asthma, Children's Health, Sporting and Back Injuries, Skin Surgery, including all surface lumps and bumps, and Travel Medicine. I am qualified to provide Yellow Fever vaccinations certificates. In my private time I enjoy family life with my wife and three daughters. My interests include cooking, road cycling, tennis and attending gym classes.

Dr Michael Huang


Special Interest: Shared care, Women’s Health, Paediatrics, Diabetes Management, Smoking Cessation

I have worked at Harding Street Medical Centre for approximately 25 years. I enjoy General Practice and am happy to see anyone who needs our care. I provide a home visit service on a weekly basis for Aged Care Facilities and other housebound people. I am affiliated with the Royal Women's Hospital, Mercy and Northern for Shared Antenatal Care.

Dr Margaret Eagle


Special Interest: Preventative Health, Counselling, Smoking Cessation

I started in General Practice in 1979 and still enjoy patient contact. The most exciting aspect for me is the ability to prevent the most common causes of death and illnesses. Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness and renal failure in Australia which can largely be prevented. We are able to prevent heart attacks completely with medication and life style changes. A majority of my consultations revolve around these exciting illness prevention areas. Dr Day prides himself on his punctuality.

Dr Paul Day

MBBS, FRACGP Grad Dip DP, Dip Crim

Special Interest: Counselling, Women’s Health, Share Care, Stress Management, Pediatrics

I joined Harding Street Medical Centre in 1996. I enjoy the diversity of patients in these communities. I am interested in Preventative Health and Well-Being. I am affiliated with the Royal Women's Hospital, Mercy and Northern Hospital for Shared Ante-natal/Pregnancy care.

Dr Susan MacGill


I joined Harding Street Medical Centre in July, 2013, having previously worked in the clinic through 2011. I like the Coburg environment. I see Coburg as a vibrant and international community. I am attracted to its busy Sydney Road shopping precinct. Outside of medicine my interests include competition cycling, travel and photography. I am proud to say my pictures have been published in the National Geographic Magazine (www.wildroard.com.au).

Dr Thomas Young


Special Interest: Preventive health

I arrived in Australia as a 7 year old Vietnamese boat-person and a generous Australia supported my path to a career in medicine. As a GP I am interested in building long term patient-doctor relationships founded on trust and mutual respect. I am particularly interested in preventative health. I work part-time and devote the rest of my time to my wife and twin daughters, and to my love of oil painting www.artphanatic.com

Dr Minh Phan


I look forward to starting my work at Harding St and getting to know the community.
My favourite thing about General practice is the diversity of healthcare and patients I get to meet every day. 
My special interests are Paediatrics, Women’s Health, Sexual Health, Travel Health, performing skin checks and cutting out skin lesions. I have attained the Paediatric Diploma of Child Health and have worked at Monash Health in Paediatrics. I believe in promoting an all round healthy lifestyle, and preventative health is an important part. In my spare time, I enjoy Melbourne’s food and wine scene, the arts, dancing and travelling

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Dr Archana Aran

MBBS, Dip. Child Health

I have returned to Harding St after completing my Registrar training in 2013. I love being a GP and am passionate about all aspects of health care and well-being. I have a special interest in Paediatrics. I have worked at Monash Newborn and Royal Childrens Hospital prior to working as a GP. Outside of work my interests include the great outdoors, drawing and playing music with my friends.

Dr Julian Dart


I graduated from Medicine in 2011. I have a broad surgical and medical background and have a passion for outstanding patient care and understanding. I enjoy developing positive relationships with my patients and encouraging preventative healthcare. I look forward to meeting and caring for patients and their familes. 

Special interests: Chronic disease management, Paediatrics, skin checks and minor procedures, General and Orthopaedic surgery, Sports injury.

Dr Jonathan Raw


I am excited to return to work at Harding Street after 18 months away.
I graduated from The University of Melbourne and love working as a GP! My favourite aspects of being a GP are the variety of presentations, getting to know my patients and their families and engaging in preventative health. When I'm not working I like exploring Melbourne's restaurants and doing yoga.

Special interests: preventative health, sexual health, women's health and paediatrics

Dr Stephanie Williams


Dr Grace Ho


Special interests: Paediatrics, Women’s Health, Shared Antenatal Care, Minor Procedures, Preventative Health

My favourite thing about general practice is the privilege of providing holistic care to patients and developing long term relationships with patients and their families. I have a Diploma of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and am affiliated with the Royal Women’s Hospital, Western Health and Northern Hospital for shared antenatal care. I also enjoy conducting skin checks and skin procedures, and am currently completing a Diploma of Skin Cancer Medicine. I divide my time between working at Harding Street and another clinic. Outside of work I enjoy playing music, cycling and playing tennis.


Dr Phoebe Hone

BMedSci (Hons I), MD, MPH

I am very excited to work with the team at Harding St and the community. I am passionate about all aspects of health care, health prevention and promotion and holistic care, and look forward to developing a long-term relationship with my patients and their families. My special interests include paediatrics, public health, sexual health and mental health; and I am currently undertaking my Diploma of Child Health. Outside of work, my interests include rock climbing, mountain bike riding, yoga, learning to kite surf and spending time with my family and dachshund.


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